Demister Pads/ Mist eliminators - Mesh Type

The knitted wire mesh type eliminators or demister pads we produce is suitable for liquid gas separation process.
The process of Manufacturing

Knitted wire mesh is formed in a zigzag pattern after a set of metal wires are looped and interlaced by knitting on a circular knitting machine. The layers of knitted wire mesh thus obtained are installed together and turned into specific patterns according to the client needs by welding.

We currently have the capacity to produce roughly 1500kgs (3300pounds) knitted wires daily and 45,000kgs metallic wire products monthly. Knitted wire mesh can also be formed in tubular forms in a range of 100MM wide to 1800MM wide from metallic, co-knit, and non-metallic wires by knitting width quality wire in an extensive range.

Varying the needle count on the cylinders and the different needle count options in the wire diameter to 0.1MM to 0.35MM enables us to produce knitted wire mesh in different stitches. Such knitted wire mesh products are used for many end user applications. The mesh pad we offer comes with a density in between 75Kg/M3 to 450Kg/M3 for both metal wires and non-metallic wires.

Fields Of Applications

Knitted wire mesh is widely used in automotive industries as mist eliminators; insulation blanket meshes and as filters and airbags. The process of removing mist from the gas is a usual process in refineries, oil,and gas production fields. Elimination of moisture is very important in the refinery/petrochemical and desalt plants since the gas has a tendency to absorb moisture.

The flow of gas can be blocked by installing the mist eliminator inside a typical application with the zig zag pattern. This process results in creating friction and the moisture will turn into tiny droplets because of continuous friction. The tiny droplet thus formed will eventually fall down to the liquid due to gravity.

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed more than a thousand installations across the globe.

We have a process engineering team who fully understands the production process required for the clients. According to the needs of our clients,Demisters are designed and customized by our engineering team for achieving superior performance. Selecting the mist eliminator can be significant when it comes to the equipment performance. The solutions that we offer to our clients help them in achieving maximum efficiency, which helps for improved performance at the client site.

Our scope of supply includes the complete design of mist eliminators, the precise position of demister inside the column, drafting, and documents for process calculation and warranty. Possible site installation can be done at extra cost if required.

Process calculations

Please provide the following informations so that we can design and suggest a suitable vane pack with process calculation.

Complete Design of mist eliminator / drafting / exact location of demister inside column / support system/ process calculation documents / warranty are included in our scope of supply & optional site installation at additional cost is provided.

Process calculations

Pls provide the following informations so that we can design and suggest a suitable vane pack with process calculation.

  •   Details of the project
  •   Allowed pressure drop across the demister pad
  •   Liquid density ; viscosity ; molecular weight/ flow rate
  •   Gas density ; molecular weight/ flow rate/surface tension & compressibility;viscosity
  •   Vessel sketch
  •   Operating Pressure and temperature
  •   Expected droplet size and separation efficiency
Trouble shooting /Support team

Other than helping with new design or plant revamp with high-performance demisters for various industries, we also offer services such as adjusting the supports in order to improve performance and enhance the performance by altering the style of demisters. Our whole team of qualified engineers is trained for troubleshooting and they can be very helpful in the process of demister installation or troubleshooting on site for an extra cost according to the type of the project.

It is normal to see a small withdrawal in the performance, caused by different reasons after a couple of years since the production process is installed and commissioned. On some occasions, production capacity may be required to increase on the same equipment because of increased demand for products. This happens without much additional investing in the infrastructure. Our team of engineers can be useful in these situations for recommending some appropriate alternatives for improving the production after they study the application.

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