Structured Packings & Random Packings.
Features Of Structural Packings.
  •  Structural packings offer a greater capacity and efficiency when compared to most random packings. In addition to that, they also generally provide minimum pressure drops.
  •  The corrugated metal sheets in these types of packings are appropriately arranged for creating flow channels for using in the vapour phase.

The structural packings produced by QWP are widely used by several companies mainly for the purpose of separation application in chemical processing industries, gas processing plants and oil and gas industries.There are plenty of different varieties of structured packings and the most common types are metal structured packing and non-metal structured packing.

The expert team of process engineers at our disposal design and supply a wide variety of structural packings as per the demands and requirements of our customers. Additionally, they will also incorporate your ideas and suggestions to produce the desired product that you are looking process. Different types of structured packings are as follows.

  • 1. Metal Based Structured Packings
    • QWP Type 1
    • QWP Type 2
    • QWP Type 3
    • QWP Type 4
  • 2. Plastic Based Structured Packings
    • QWP Type 1
  • 3. Ceramic Based Structured Packings
    • QWP Type 1

Most companies use structured packings over other types of packings because of the benefits this type of packing offers. Some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing structured packings are as follows.
- Relatively low pressure drop.
- Increased Efficiency.
- Greater Capacity.
- Minimum liquid hold up.
- Incredible liquid spreading characters.

Features of Random Packings
  •   Random packing is the best option for boosting the tower capacity or efficiency
  •   They are comparatively a lot inexpensive.
  •   Pressure drop can be easily reduced to a greater extend.
  •   Liquid holdup can be significantly eliminated or reduced with the help of random packings.
  •   Contact surface can also be greatly increased.

The packing internals provided by our company are used in refineries,gas processing industry, mass transfer applications and in many other industries.

a. QWP Progressive Metal Packing:

Quality Wire Progressive Metal Packing (QWPMP) is made by using metal sheets and this type of packing offers a reliable and incredible performance when it comes to high efficiency and low pressure drop.Our experienced crew members produce this type of packing in progressive die tool and we strictly focus on total precision in order to ensure that the packing is of greater quality. Popular sizes available to customers are 12, 25, 40, 50, and 70.

b. QWP Q – PAK Metal Packing:

Q-Pak is another type of progressive die tool product and it actually is a great improvisation of the traditional pall rings. Q-Pak is also considered as one of the most efficient ring type packing available in market, which is one of the reasons for the immense popularity of these type of packing. The increase in number of internal strips in Q-Pak results in a subsequent increase in the interactive areas for the contact of Gas and liquid. This implies that these type of packing are more efficient than normal pall rings. In addition to that, it also offers a lower pressure drop than normal pall rings without comprising the quality,. Our manufacturers have also adopted necessary steps to reduce the thickness of the rings,which in turn decreases the investment cost.

c. QWP Pall Rings:

Most of the traditional Pall Rings we see today are actually simple rings,which have no internal strips. These types of pall rings are commonly used as replacement tolls. They are also available to customers in metal and they can also be used in stripper, absorber, and scrubbing applications. In addition to that, they are used also for heat transfer applications.

d. QWP Carbon Raschig Rings:

Graphite or carbon is used for the preparation of raschig rings and these types of rings are used in several applications to withstand thermal stock resistance and corrosion. Raschig rings are also resistant to most alkalis, acids and high temperature solvents. Additionally, raschig rings also have a greater crushing strength and a prolonged life. They are available in a wide variety of sizes like 10mm, 19mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

Other types of random packings are mentioned below:

  • 1. Metal Based Random Packings
  • QWP Conjugate Ring
  • QWP VSP Ring
  • QWP Intalox Saddle
  • QWP HQM Flat Ring
  • QWP Cascade Ring
  • QWP Pall Ring
  • 2. Plastic Based Random Packings
  • QWP Casade ring
  • QWP Pall ring
  • QWP Conjugate ring
  • QWP UramicIntalox Saddle
  • QWP Super Intalox
  • QWP Heilex
  • QWP Polyhedral ball
  • QWP Hollow ball
  • QWP Teller rosetter ring
  • QWP Hom ring
  • QWP Cage ball
  • QWP Covering ball
  • 3. Ceramic Based Random Packings
  • QWP Raschig ring
  • QWP Cross-partition ring
  • QWP Raschig ring
  • QWP Intalox saddles
  • QWP Super Intalox
  • QWP Cascade ring
  • QWP Conjugate ring
Liquid-liquid extraction, absorption and distillation are the unit operations involving the above-mentioned packings.