Vane Pack Separators

The Vane Pack Separators we manufacture are widely used by many businesses across the country for the separation of liquid droplets that are carried by gaseous streams.

Working principle:

Vane Packs consists of a number of sets of vane profile, which permits the entry of gaseous molecules. This will eventually result in the condensation of water and the condensed water sliding through the vanes are collected in the liquid section of the vessel. One of the major advantages of vane pack separators is that they are an ideal choice for separating big liquid droplets. Some of the most common applications of vane pack separators are as follows.

Typical Applications:
  • Sugar Refineries.
  • Low pressure Evaporators.
  • Paper and Pulp mills
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems.
  • Refinery vacuum towers.
Advantages of using Vane Pack Separators

They are suitable for both horizontal and vertical gas flow and they possess a significantly high collection efficiency, which guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. In addition to that, vane pack separators are also capable of handling gas and liquid loads with ease and they are also an accurate choice for removing solids and viscous liquids.

Our expert staff members attach vane packs wire mesh and perforated sheet to enhance performance and to acquire the suitable result. Perforated sheet ensures the increased gas flow inside the vessel, which in turn increases the efficiency of the process.